When buying a yacht, expertise and experience are the most important factors. Pandora Homes Real Estate & Yacht Brokerage is familiar with all the yachts on the market and always strive to find the right yacht for our clients.

Our Director Yachts, Mr. Dijkman and his team are ready to assist with all aspects of a yacht purchase and are heavily involved in price and contract negotiations, advise on ownership and corporate structures, organise surveys and sea trial logistics, and handle all administrative documentation. Their job is to ensure a smooth acquisition from start to finish, leaving the client free to enjoy the pleasures of hassle-free ownership.

We hace acces to an incredible fleet of yachts for sale in the world, and also the most comprehensive database and information on every yacht for sale.

To get a real idea of which yacht would best suit your requirements he advises you on the various options available. But to start you off here is an at-a-glance guide to the different types of yacht:

Mega Yacht

A Megayacht is the yacht for exceptionally big groups and larger families. They are the ultimate in size, facilities and luxury. These vast yachts can accommodate up to 100 guests and more and have anything and everything from swimming pools, to discos, cinemas, conference rooms, spas and gyms.

Large Motor Yacht

Large, modern motor yachts are most suitable for families and large groups as they are spacious, stable and designed for pure comfort. They are also equipped with peerless water sports and entertainment facilities.

Performance Motor Yacht

Smaller, performance motor yachts are ideal for those who want to explore more of the coastline in a shorter amount of time and are looking for the real kudos and adrenalin that goes with superyachting. Their sleek lines, enviable style and power and speed at the touch of the throttle make them a popular choice out at sea and in port.

Modern Sailing Yacht

A modern sailing yacht is perfect for those who want the size, comfort and facilities of a motor yacht but with the flexibility to open up the sails on occasion. They have all the amenities of a motor yacht with the undisputed appeal of sailing.

Classic Sailing Yacht

A classic sailing yacht is for those wanting a genuine sailing experience or who want to capture the real romance and thrill of yachting. These may not have quite the level of luxury or comfort of a motor yacht but for genuine sailors there is surely no other choice.


A catamaran is ideal for any yachting party, particularly those looking for something a bit different, or for those want to access remote coves and bays. They provide a great mix of sail and motor.